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What is Phonological Awareness and Why is it Important?

Phonological Awareness (P.A.) is referred to as awareness of one’s own thinking about the sound structures of language. P.A. refers to a person’s ability to attend to, discriminate and manipulate sounds at the phoneme (sound), word and sentence level. It also...

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Childhood Apraxia of Speech

What is Childhood Apraxia of Speech? Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) is described as a speech condition that impairs a child’s ability to plan the motor movements of the lips, tongue and jaw, which are the parts of the mouth that are used to produce clear and...

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Phonological Disorder: Phoneme Collapse

This is a term used to describe the situation when a child uses a single consonant sound in place of other consonant sounds. The more extensive the phoneme collapse is, the more unintelligible the child’s speech, due to the large number of sounds that are being...

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What Can Cause an Articulation Disorder?

Causes of Articulation Disorders There are many reasons why a child may have an articulation disorder. Some of these reasons are: The child may have had intermittent hearing loss issues when they were little. They may for instance have had an extended period of time...

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Speech Sounds and Development

What is articulation: Articulation is the formation of clear and distinct sounds in speech. Why do kids struggle: The majority of speech sound disorders are caused by unknown factors, however there are some known origins including:– Genetic causes– Craniofacial...

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What is a LISP?

There are two types of lisps: 1. An Interdental Lisp.An interdental lisp is when the tongue protrudes between the teeth on certain sounds (e.g. /s/ & /z/). This is considered a normally developing speech pattern in children. An interdental lisp can self-correct up...

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Selective Mutism

What is Selective Mutism? Selective Mutism is considered to be a childhood anxiety disorder. It is described as an inability to speak in certain social settings such as at school. Less than 1% of children have selective mutism. These children are mute as they are too...

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Can Thumb Sucking and Dummies Affect My Child’s Speech?

Thumb sucking mainly impacts on children’s speech after the permanent teeth start coming through. This is because thumb sucking may affect the development of the palate (roof if the mouth) and the teeth. This malalignment may impact on a child’s speech production and...

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What Are the Signs of Enlarged Tonsils and Adenoids?

Can Enlarged Tonsils Affect My Child’s Speech? Children who have enlarged tonsils and adenoids may: Be mouth breathers. Have their mouth agape (open) whilst they are at rest. Snore. Be restless in bed- flit around the bed during their sleep. Wake up one or more times...

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