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Jenny Edgar

Jenny is both a teacher and a Speech Pathologist, and has a passion for helping children strive to achieve their full potential. Jenny knows from her years of working with families across both fields that a strong partnership with the parents produces the best results, and works with families and children to establish goals and design sessions that work best for the child. Jenny really enjoys working in the areas of: articulation of sounds, stuttering, Early Language and literacy. She is extremely passionate about working with children who have dyslexia. 

Jenny has training in the following areas:

Autism – a trained assessor for children who require a diagnosis for autism

Sounds Write – well-evidenced phonics program for children struggling to spell read and write.

PROMPT – to address speech sounds.

Talk 4 Writing – to target story writing.

Lidcombe: to address stuttering.

In her spare time Jenny loves to swim, run, ski and spend time reading on the beach.

Sweta is a fully certified practicing Speech Pathologist who is passionate about working with children and families in order to reach communication goals together. She’s completed a Bachelor of Science Speech Pathology Hons and is now pursuing a Masters in Clinical Audiology and hopes to combine her knowledge and skills in both fields in order to provide holistic, collaborative family-centred care for children with complex communication difficulties. Sweta is SoundsWrite, PROMPT and Lidcombe trained; she is particularly passionate about treating and managing speech-sound disorders and literacy difficulties for school-aged children. In her spare time Sweta is painting, reading, writing and learning as many languages as she can.

Marcus is one of the rare male speech pathologists out there! He has an BA degree in Musical theatre from Federation University in Victoria, and a Masters degree in Speech Pathology from Curtin University.

Since graduating his Masters he has gone on to do continued study in Gestalt language processing and Gender-affirming voice care.

Marcus is active and involved in a number of community clubs including Perth Frontrunners and Emerald City Kickball. He enjoys gaming of all kinds from Xbox through to tabletop games like dungeons and dragons.

Areas of interest: Voice, Swallowing, Gestalt-language processing, Speech sound disorders, Aphasia, Dysarthria.


Anastasija is a speech therapist at Perth Speech Therapy. She holds a bachelor of Speech Pathology with Honours in paediatric feeding disorder.

Anastasija’s areas of interest include early intervention for children, voice therapy across the lifespan as well as working with adults for rehabilitative treatment.

Anastasija believes in conducting therapy sessions that are most engaging & functional for her clients.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her friends & family.


Elizabeth (Liz) Pierce is a speech pathologist who works at the Alfred Cove clinic as well as at several schools in Perth. Formerly a teacher both in Kindy and Pre-primary and with students up to year six.

Liz is Sounds Write trained and is now enjoying combining her passion for language and
communication with her love of working with children and teens in the areas of articulation,
language, and literacy. She believes in developing relationships with children and their caregivers to ensure that those who attend her sessions continue to develop their skills both at home and in the school environment.

During her sessions Liz enjoys creating a playful and nurturing environment for children to learn without realising, they are doing so.
When Liz isn’t working, she enjoys spending time at the beach or in nature with her two children, going out for coffee with friends or reading a good book to relax.


Vivianne is currently studying speech pathology at Curtin University. She enjoys working with
children of all ages to develop their speech, language and literacy skills.

Her major interest is in supporting children with specific learning disorders to learn how to read and write. She is committed to providing evidenced based practice that is supported by the Science of Reading.

Vivianne has completed training in Sounds-Write and Talk 4 Writing.

In her spare time Vivianne enjoys cooking and learning to sew.


Navleen chose her career path in Speech Pathology as she believes that humans rely on their communication to build deeper connections and to express one’s thoughts and emotions.

She finds it very rewarding to help people convey their message and express themselves. Navleen enjoys the language development aspect of speech pathology when working with children.

Navleen is trained in delivering the Sounds Write program.

During her free time, Navleen enjoys reading and painting, and also going for walks with her friends.


Jilly was a paediatric nurse and now practices as a Speech Pathologist. Both professions show her compassion and empathy for children needing help.

Nursing was very scheduled and routine whereas Speech Pathology requires flexibility, adapting style and approach to each individual as all children present differently, have different personalities and different goals.

She enjoys working with children to support their speech and language development, especially in the area of disability.

Jilly finds it gratifying to see the process of rapport building and multimodal communication skills (ACC) develop in children with disabilities.

Hussna Ashraf has a Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours). Hussna has a passion for helping children to improve their speech and language skills. She likes to make a tangible difference in children’s lives by improving their communication so they can reach their full potential in life. Hussna has the additional training of “Sounds Write’. Hence, enabling her to work with children who are experiencing difficulty spelling, reading and writing. In her spare time Hussna enjoys reading and baking.
Atousa has completed a Bachelor of Speech Pathology Honours and is now working towards a Masters in Clinical Audiology. She hopes to integrate her experience and knowledge from both fields to ensure a holistic approach to client needs. Atousa’s experience in both hospital and community-based positions has prompted her keen interest in early intervention, speech sound disorders and stuttering. She enjoys working with children of all ages and collaborating with their families to create client-centred goals to achieve meaningful outcomes. Atousa is also passionate about working with individuals who have dysphagia and swallowing challenges. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with friends and family, watching movies and going to the beach.

Overall, Perth Speech Therapy believes that:

All children need people to advocate ad fight for their rights to be the best that they can be.

Building a positive rapport with a child is essential for change and progress to occur.

Developing self-esteem in the child will lead to the child being more confident and more willing to have a go at tasks.

A good rapport with the family and commitment to working together is integral to the child developing the skills being targeted.

Children learn most effectively through a play-based approach. Hence all programs are fun, interactive, motivating and relevant to the goals.

Involving the parents and training them how to deliver follow-up activities at home is an important element of the therapy.

All achievements should be celebrated.

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