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Why Read To Your Child?

The most important gift you can give a young child is an expansive vocabulary. Within the joint statement of the International Reading Association and the National Association for the Education of Young Children is the assertion that, “the single most important...

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The Science of Reading

WHAT do children need? They need to be taught: Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Fluency and Vocabulary WHY do they need these skills? Early, explicit, and systematic instruction in phonics, along with directinstruction in phonological awareness, can...

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About Dyslexia

Some children find it difficult to ‘tune in’ to the alphabet sounds in the early years of schooling and then are soon left behind. We now know that children who have difficulty grasping the Phonological Skills in kindergarten are at a greater risk of falling behind in...

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What Books Are Suitable For My Child Who Has Dyslexia?

At Perth Speech Therapy we know the importance of providing children with the correct decodable reader. The books children read should be matched to their phonic knowledge, not be given books that are a challenge otherwise they will become despondent, lack confidence...

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How Can I help My Child to Read?

Parents need to be aware that many schools still give ‘whole language’ readers to children in pre-Primary to Year 2. Children with dyslexia cannot read the contents of these books as the readers are not at their phonic knowledge. They have words in them that CANNOT be...

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Phonics is Proven to be the BEST Approach to Spelling

Victoria is embracing PHONICS. They are seeing GREAT changes in the children’s spelling. They DO NOT want to leave any child behind! LET’S MAKE A CHANGE W.A. in the way we deliver phonics. At Perth Speech Therapy we have been paving the way in delivering high-quality...

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Does My Child Have Dyslexia?

What Signs Would I Need to Look For? What is dyslexia? The word ‘Dyslexia’ means difficulty with words. Dyslexia is considered to be a neurological disorder where a person may have difficulty with all or some of the following: spelling reading writing comprehension...

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