Autism Articles

Understanding Autism

Perth Speech Therapy can provide comprehensive information on autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in children. Whether you are a parent, educator or simply seeking knowledge, we can offer insights, resources and support to help you better understand autism and navigate...

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Red Flags That Your Child May Have Autism

Communication Skills These children: Do not generally share observation or experiences with peers or family members. Have little to no eye contact. May have limited to no speech. They may often repeat words / phrases, and this is referred to as echolalia. Tend not to...

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Developing Social Skills in Children with Autism

Children with autism often have difficulty socializing with people in general. This can have a significant impact on these children being able to make friends at school and be accepted by their peers. There is substantial evidence to suggest that social skills groups...

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Social Skill Groups for Children with Autism

Perth Speech Therapy holds Social Skills Group every Saturday. The sessions are for an hour AGE GROUP: 3  to 12 years  (The children are grouped by age so that they learn to mix with peers). WHERE: 89 North Lake Rd, Myaree FEE: $70.00 The group...

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The Importance of Pretend Play in a Young Child’s Life

Play is an integral part of a child’s life. A child begins to learn that when an object is picked up, the object has a name and often a sound / movement / action attached to it. For example, ‘a lion’ can roar and stomp around. Children learn about: 1. The world /...

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Language Development

Speech Sounds


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