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The confidence to communicate clearly doesn’t come easy for some children.

As the parent of a child with communication problems, you may have felt like your child will either “grow out of it” or that they  will always have this problem. We commonly hear from parents who worry that:

Their child will always have a problem with speaking

Their child will never be able to express themselves

Their child will have difficulty with reading

Their child will always have difficulty with writing

Their child will be bullied or singled-out

Their child will always have issues with confidence

Our Perth Speech Pathologists provide
speech therapy intervention for
 children who have:

Articulation difficulties

Early Language Delay

Expressive & Receptive Language Delays

Stuttering (fluency) disorders


Difficulty with reading

Difficulty with spelling


Child Undergoing Speech Therapy

Providing quality Speech Pathology services for Perth kids


Our passion and vision is to create happy, empowered and confident children across all learning styles and abilities.

We help your child remove barriers to self-confidence through strengths-based speech and language development techniques.

If your child is experiencing difficulty with spelling, reading or writing, you’re in the right place!

We pride ourselves on giving children the support and tools they need to feel confident and happy. 

Our goal is to help make a positive mind shift in your child’s confidence and self esteem through speech therapy.

We provide a friendly and family-centred environment that tailors each child’s program according to their specific needs, using a holistic approach. 

We provide assessments, reports, diagnosis and treatment services, with family engagement at every step of the way.

Our Speech Pathologists have extensive experience in working with children and are trained in:


The Lidcombe Program is a behavioural treatment program for children who stutter. It is a highly effective treatment that has been widely adopted by speech-language pathologists around the world.


This method uses physical touch to guide a person’s speech production, specifically by prompting them to move their lips, jaw, and tongue in a way that helps them produce words more clearly.


We’re qualified in “It Takes Two To Talk” which teaches parents and caregivers strategies for supporting their child’s language development and communication skills.

The “More Than Words” program assists parents of children with autism or social communication difficulties.

Sounds Write

Sounds Write is a program that teaches children how to read and spell by focusing on the sounds (phonemes) in words and how they are represented in written language (graphemes).

Talk 4 Writing

Talk 4 Writing is a program that teaches children how to write by first engaging them in activities that involve listening to, speaking, and eventually writing texts, using a structured approach that builds on their existing knowledge and skills.

ADOS-2 Training

Gold Standard Behavioural Assessment for diagnosing children with Autism.

No Waitlist and No Referral Required

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