Early Years Screening

Perth Speech Therapy conducts screenings in Western Australian schools for children in Kindergarten and Pre-Primary. Each screen takes between 30-45 minutes per child.

The purpose of screening is to identify which children require further assessment and intervention. Unlike the “wait and see” approach, early identification ensures timely support, allowing children to achieve their full potential. Screenings provide a comprehensive profile of speech and language skills for the whole class, enabling teachers to plan and support students effectively.

The screen will identify if the child’s communication is:

Age Appropriate

At Risk
(Requires monitoring)

Not Age Appropriate
(Requires intervention)

Assessment areas

The screening battery is carefully designed to determine the child’s ability in the following areas:

Expressive Language

Using language to communicate thoughts and ideas.

  • Grammar
  • Sequencing Narratives
  • Producing Narratives
Receptive Language

Understanding spoken language.

  • Following instructions
  • Understanding concepts
  • Answering questions
Early Literacy Skills

Foundational skills related to sounds and words that are essential for reading and writing.

  • Phonological awareness
  • Letter sound knowledge
Speech Clarity

Articulating speech sounds clearly and accurately.

  • Determine if speech sound processes are age appropriate
  • Identify articulation errors such as lisps


Additionally, the speech pathologist will observe and report on any significant difficulties in other areas such as stuttering, voice quality, attention and social skills.

Post-Screening Meetings

A report will be provided for each child and following up meetings can be organised, but they are not essential:

  • Parent meeting: Parents can book a meeting to discuss the screening results. The speech pathologist will assist parents with accessing support, arranging further assessments, providing recommendations for supporting their child, and making referrals as needed.
  • Teacher meeting: Feedback meeting between the classroom teacher and the Speech Pathologist. During this meeting, the screening results for the class will be discussed. Data-driven suggestions for classroom support and strategies tailored to individual student needs will be offered.

Kindergarten/Pre-Primary Orientation

We are pleased to offer this orientation at no cost if you decide to proceed with screenings. We believe that education is power and early family engagement is crucial.

  • A presentation discussion on:
    • Developmental milestones
    • Myth busting the ‘wait and see approach’ to highlight the importance of early intervention
    • How to support language development at home
  • An opportunity for parents to address concerns and ask questions
  • Informal assessment of children to flag concerns before commencing school

Therapy Services

Our experienced team of Speech Pathologists and Speech Therapy Assistants can deliver therapy either on-site at your school or at our clinic. You can choose to have ongoing therapy sessions delivered by a Speech Pathologist or a Speech Therapy Assistant (under the supervision of a Speech Pathologist), ensuring a high standard of intervention at a discounted rate. We are committed to working collaboratively with parents and educators to upskill and build capacity.

We offer speech pathology intervention across the tiers of education


With over 20 years of experience as a primary school teacher in Western Australian schools before transitioning to Speech Pathology, my vision at Perth Speech Therapy is to build partnerships with schools to make intervention accessible for families. We are dedicated to working closely with educators, administrators and families to implement early screening and intervention programs that promote students’ academic, social, and emotional well-being.


To enquire please do not hesitate to contact Perth Speech Therapy. We would be more than happy to come out to the school to discuss how we can support your students.

Kind Regards,

Jenny Edgar
Director & Speech Pathologist
Phone: 0412 256 656
Email: info@perthspeechtherapy.com.au
Website: https://perthspeechtherapy.com.au/

*If you have concerns about the language, speech or literacy development of older students’ screenings are also available for students in Years 1-6 upon request.


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