Can Enlarged Tonsils Affect My Child’s Speech?

Children who have enlarged tonsils and adenoids may:

  1. Be mouth breathers.
  2. Have their mouth agape (open) whilst they are at rest.
  3. Snore.
  4. Be restless in bed- flit around the bed during their sleep.
  5. Wake up one or more times during the night.
  6. Have frequent throat infections.
  7. Have difficulty eating / swallowing certain foods.
  8. Suffer from exhaustion. These children often wake tired as their bodies have not rested well during the night.
  9. Sound nasally.

Enlarged tonsils and adenoids may have an impact on a child’s:

  1. Articulation of sounds.
  2. Voice: pitch, tone.
  3. Maxillofacial development – which in turn may interrupt speech development.
  4. Ability to learn as they are exhausted and cannot maintain focus.

If you child has any of the above symptoms, please contact your local GP. They will refer you to an ENT for further investigation.

A Speech Pathologist can assist with your child’s speech and language once an ENT has been seen.