What Can Cause an Articulation Disorder?

Causes of Articulation Disorders There are many reasons why a child may have an articulation disorder. Some of these reasons are: The child may have had intermittent hearing loss issues when they were little. They may for instance have had an extended period of time...

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Developing Social Skills in Children with Autism

Children with autism often have difficulty socializing with people in general. This can have a significant impact on these children being able to make friends at school and be accepted by their peers. There is substantial evidence to suggest that social skills groups...

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Social Skill Groups for Children with Autism

Perth Speech Therapy holds Social Skills Group every Saturday. The sessions are for an hour AGE GROUP: 3  to 12 years  (The children are grouped by age so that they learn to mix with peers). WHERE: 89 North Lake Rd, Myaree FEE: $70.00 The group...

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What Books Are Suitable For My Child Who Has Dyslexia?

At Perth Speech Therapy we know the importance of providing children with the correct decodable reader. The books children read should be matched to their phonic knowledge, not be given books that are a challenge otherwise they will become despondent, lack confidence...

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Developing Language in Toddlers

3 Natural Environments to Help Develop a Toddler's Language. Children will learn language naturally and easily when the words an adult use are used in context and when the child is actually carrying out the action. 1. The PlaygroundThe language that can be provided in...

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Recommended Books for Children with Dyslexia

Parents need to be aware that many schools still give ‘whole language’ readers to children in pre-Primary to Year 2. Children with dyslexia cannot read the contents of these books as the readers are not at their phonic knowledge. They have words in them that CANNOT be...

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10 Tips of How Parents Can Encourage Their Child to Speak

Talk to your child about what you are doing (e.g. I need to put the cups in here”). Use hand gestures, point to objects and use varied intonation as you say the associated words. You can do this with your child’s body parts (eg “You have a fly on your arm, let me shoo...

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