Some children find it difficult to ‘tune in’ to the alphabet sounds in the early years of schooling and then are soon left behind.

We now know that children who have difficulty grasping the Phonological Skills in kindergarten are at a greater risk of falling behind in literacy. We also have the evidence that EARLY INTERVENTION is the key to helping your child catch up. This is because they have not yet learnt a lot about the alphabet code; so intensive intervention early on will make it easier for them to catch up to their peers. It will hopefully prevent them from experiencing low self-esteem and lack confidence in themselves.

You are strongly encouraged NOT TO WAIT AND SEE if they improve. This is a phrase commonly used by teachers: this phrase actually means, ‘LETS WAIT TO SEE IF THEY FAIL EVEN MORE!!!!

The staff at Perth Speech Therapy are passionate about helping children who are struggling with spelling, reading and writing. The owner of Perth Speech Therapy has all Speech Pathologist and tutors trained in the best evidenced program for learning the alphabet code, “Sounds Write”.

Sounds write is a systematic phonics program for children from pre-Primary to high school. it clearly teaches the children what sounds are and how to use their sound knowledge  in their writing as well as apply this knowledge to their reading practice.

At Perth Speech Therapy we also know the importance of providing children with readers that are at their current phonic knowledge. Carefully selecting the children’s reading books allows the children the opportunity to become confident and fluent at reading, and not fear it.