Dyslexia Services for children in Perth

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Dyslexia is a neurodevelopmental disorder which makes it difficult for people to read with understanding, spell and write.

A Speech Therapist can help people with dyslexia improve their reading, spelling and writing. All staff are trained in the well-evidenced phonics programme: “Sounds Write”.

Here is how they can help:

Assessing: The first step is assessing a person’s phonic knowledge and reading ability. Obtaining a case history is also an important part of the initial consultation to understand the person’s background.

What follows the assessment?

Providing Phonological Awareness (P.A.) intervention:
People often struggle with P.A. skills – that is, understanding and manipulating the sounds in language. A speech therapist can work with someone to improve their phonological awareness skills through activities that focus on identifying, blending, and manipulating sounds in words.

Teaching Spelling
A Speech Therapist can teach people how to spell and write with increased accuracy by teaching them how sounds work together. They can teach people decoding strategies such as:

  • Segmenting and blending sounds
  • Breaking words into syllables and
  • Learning the morphology of words.

Teaching reading strategies
A Speech Therapist is able to teach people with dyslexia how sounds work together so that they can read more efficiently, accurately and with fluency.

Speech therapy can be of great assistance to children with dyslexia. By working with a speech therapist, they can improve their spelling and reading skills, build confidence, and succeed academically.

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Perth Speech Therapy has an Alfred Cove clinic. This clinic also provides mobile services to schools, day care centres and homes.

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