Autism & Assessments in Perth


Perth Speech Therapy has staff qualified to assess and diagnose children with autism. The staff also provide tailored intervention to address that client’s goals.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is described as a lifelong condition that affects people’s way of interacting and understanding of other people. An underpinning characteristic of ASD is differences in social-communication skills. Research suggests that the core traits of ASD remains stable throughout life, but the outward signs of ASD changes as people grow and learn skills and strategies.

How does ASD impact their communication skills?

All people with ASD experience ‘differences’ in communication, however, as it is a spectrum, it can manifest differently between individuals. 

Some individuals with ASD achieve their preschool speech and language milestones, only to then be identified with ASD at an older age when they experience social-communication difficulties where social-communication demands increase. These children may find it challenging to interact with other children as they require more explicit teaching on unspoken ‘social rules’ such as understanding non-verbal body language and maintaining conversations. For other children, ‘differences’ in their communication are clearly seen in early years, such as with children requiring additional support to communicate. 

In all cases, supporting individuals with ASD and their families across the lifespan focusses on helping people to develop skills and strategies to address difficulties that they feel are most important. The goal is never to ‘conform or change the person’. Speech pathologists work on the basis that individuals across the lifespan with ASD should have the capacity and the opportunity to participate in the community, and be independent in all of the same life style choices as their peers without ASD. 

How can speech pathologists help?

Speech pathologists’ profession focuses on supporting the social-communication difficulties experienced by all people. Speech Pathologists are involved in all aspects of assessment, diagnosis, and intervention for people experiencing these difficulties. The assessment and diagnosis of ASD children and adolescents should be a multidisciplinary assessment involving a speech pathologist, psychologist, and paediatrician. 

For children with ASD, speech pathologists work with the children, their parents, and teachers to facilitate speech and language development by using evidence-based treatment approaches. They also work in multidisciplinary teams to provide holistic early intervention programs focusing on all aspects of development. Speech pathologists working with adults with ASD support their participation in life activities at home, work, and in the community.

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