Early Language Intervention

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Kids develop milestones at different timelines. Many parents worry if their child’s speech and language is developing normally. There are general guides on speech and language milestones from birth to 3 years. 

If you are concerned that your child’s communication skills are developing slowly, early intervention may benefit. Speech pathologists can help your child begin learning exercises and developing the tools to improve speech and language.

Importance of Early Intervention:

  1. Critical Developmental Period: Early childhood is a critical period for language development. Most early intervention speech therapy beings within the first 3 years. The most common age group is 12-18 month olds. During the first 3 years of life, your child’s brain has the ability to grow and change effectively.
  2. Preventing Academic and Social Challenges: Addressing speech and language delays early can help prevent academic difficulties and social challenges later in life.
  3. Maximizing Potential: Early intervention maximizes a child’s potential by providing them with the necessary skills to communicate effectively and participate fully in various social and educational settings.

Signs to Look Out For:

Not sure if your child might need a little extra help with their speech? Here are some signs to keep an eye on:

  • Trouble pronouncing certain sounds or words
  • Using fewer words than other kids their age
  • Difficulty following directions
  • Not showing much interest in talking or interacting with others

If you are concerned or unsure if your child needs early language intervention, our speech pathologists can complete an assessment with your child to work out if any intervention is required and tailor a plan to suit your child and family, if needed.

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